Composite decking

New for 2019, we’re delighted to introduce our new range of composite decking boards, HD Deck® Dual and HD Deck® XS.

This eco-friendly composite decking board uses the latest technology to create beautiful decking that not only has the natural look and feel of timber, it has the added strength and durability of plastic.

By combining FSC® 100% certified hardwood timber and recycled HDPE plastic, the HD Deck® Dual and HD Deck® XS composite decking boards create an elegant solution to many of the problems associated with traditional timber products, such as rot, colour fading and slippery surfaces.

Composite decking that is socially responsible and friendly for the environment:

HD Deck® Dual

HD Deck® Dual’s decking boards have an unrivalled likeness to timber, which really sets it apart from other composite decking available. The natural wood grain not only looks and feels great, it also offers maximum performance against stains. And with its ‘capped’ design, it has a coated layer that offers increased protection against fading and the elements, for an extra-long life.

This is also a dual-sided composite board offering a reversible two-colour option, providing the opportunity to lay a deck with contrasting colours tocreate a bespoke finish. These colours can be seen below:

HD Deck® Dual – Board 1

HD Deck® Dual – Board 2

HD Deck® XS

Whether you’re planning to host a party or social gathering on your decking, it’s good to know that like the HD Deck® Dual, HD Deck® XS composite decking board won’t splinter or become slippy because of its superior composite ingredients. This extra strong performance decking board is not only low maintenance and slip resistant, it is durable and sustainable.

HD Deck® XS comes in four different colours, so you’ll have plenty of variety to choose from when designing your decking to complement your caravan, holiday home or lodge:


Light Oak


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