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How to… make your caravan or lodge feel more like home

  • On 13/07/2020

If you own a caravan or lodge, you want to be able to relax, just as you would at your house. Here are some ideas for making that happen…

Interior Design

Don’t worry, you don’t have to get a professional in or go overboard, but simply adding a rug, curtains or some pillows and a blanket, it will immediately make it more snuggly!

Personalise It

At home, you likely have some photographs on the walls of your grandchildren or family. Why not add a few at your holiday home? You could even take some photographs on one of your visits to the caravan, at a local beach/park. There’s nothing better than making lovely memories and capturing them on camera to look at whenever you like.


Is your caravan located near to the sea, why not paint a feature wall blue or turquoise or just in your favourite colour? You can then match your accessories (cushions, blankets etc) to the paint colour. It’ll make the space vibrant and bright. 

Treat Yourself

By simply adding something new, whether it’s a big artistic fruit bowl or new fluffy towels, it will make you smile every time you use it. 

Down Time

If you have a favourite author, why not keep a stack of their books at your static caravan. It’ll make you enjoy your stay even more and will force you to relax too.


Whether it’s your static caravan beds or your loungers on the decking, make sure they’re super comfortable. You want all of your seating to make you want to stay longer! 

Outdoor Living Space

Static Caravans and lodges are smaller than your average home, however, with a Vinyl Solutions deck, you can leave your doors open and extend your living area to enjoy those lovely summer days and evenings.

You can find more information about our caravan decking solutions here.