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Vinyl Solutions Continues Developing ‘Green’ Initiatives

  • On 01/12/2019

Vinyl Solutions is continuing to review business activities and develop new initiatives and procedures to minimise its carbon footprint. This has included increasing its commitment to recycling waste and also introducing the first electric car in to its vehicle fleet.

In June this year Vinyl Solutions started working with War on Waste, a local recycling and waste disposal company, with the aim of increasing its commitment to recycling as well as reducing waste going to the landfill. 

Prior to this the company would typically dispose of 6cb meters of General Waste to landfill every week, sometimes even twice a week. However, since introducing a series of new initiatives with War on Waste, the organisation is now sending less than a quarter of that. And the positive story doesn’t end there, Vinyl Solutions now also recycles nearly 4 times more, including the recycling all plastic off cuts.

In September, Vinyl Solutions also introduced the first all-electric car to its fleet. The new company pool car – a BMW i3s (pictured above) – not only is it introducing fuel savings it also has zero driving emissions meaning it is much better for the environment. 

Ben Hart, Managing Director for Vinyl Solutions said:

“Minimising our impact on the environment is very important to our strategy as a business. These great new initiatives and procedures are already making a huge impact, but this is just the start. We’re constantly looking at ways we can reduce our carbon footprint and want to continue driving forward with new environmental initiatives.”