Decking designs and configurations

Here are just a selection of configurations to give you an idea of what could be created for you. But this isn’t the limit; we can customise any layout and provide the colour, style and finish to suit your requirements.

Anything is possible, the only 
limit is your imagination

Each decking project is carefully designed, crafted and fitted by an Approved Installation Team using our unique Railing System. Designed to ensure strength, safety and durability whilst delivering a stunning finished product that will make you the envy of your neighbours.

Just look at how flexible our unique, modular decking systems can be:


4ft Walkway

This affordable walkway solution is ideal for side positioning on your holiday home to create easy access at one level to your entrance doors. Available in a range of lengths from 12ft to 24ft.

6ft / 8ft Decking System

This popular 2 piece decking system is ideal for homes with both side entrance and front feature patio or French doors. Create two individual decked areas for additional living space and easy access. Available in both 6ft and 8ft widths and lengths to suit your requirements.

6ft / 8ft Walkway and Decking Combination

This solution offers all of the benefits of the standard walkway with the addition of a spacious decking area. Available in both 
6ft and 8ft widths and lengths to suit 
your requirements.

L-shaped Decking System

This solution offers all the flexibility of the two piece decking system with the added benefit of extra space and easy access around your holiday home. The decking can be positioned at either end of your home to maximise space and create the best 
aspect for the sun or views.

Here are a range of our most popular configurations, which also feature in our brochure. If one of these layouts would suit your requirements please include the VS number as part of your enquiry:

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