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In Profile – Acting Head of Sales, Matt Andrews

  • On 26/11/2020
Matt Andrews - Vinyl Solutions
Matt Andrews – Vinyl Solutions

Having joined the Vinyl Solutions back in 2016, Matt Andrews is a key member of the team.

Over four years on since joining the business and the Holiday Park industry, we caught up with Matt to reflect on what has been a sometimes challenging, but very rewarding journey so far:

What were your first impressions of Vinyl Solutions?
In 2016 I visited the Beaulieu Show, having been invited to consider a position within the Holiday Park industry. It was an industry I knew nothing about despite my extensive commercial background. Within 5 minutes of meeting the team on the Vinyl Solutions stand, I felt a buzz, a buzz which I had not experienced so swiftly in any business before.

A little later, I was introduced to a senior guy from the industry, who said to me, quite simply “Nice to meet you, if you’re not from the industry, you’ll either last 3 months or you’ll become part of a great family and it’ll become your life!”.

Four years on and throughout a disparate year for us all, I am delighted to say that I found a new family that day. The holiday park industry has become a huge part of my life and I love it!

In short, what is a typical working day like for you at Vinyl Solutions?I get to meet and talk with such a diverse range of people which keeps me very active, whether out visiting parks and customers or sat at my laptop. My day is always bustling, engaging, challenging, frustrating, industrious, funny and always thought provoking. This could not be better as I need to be stimulated, I get bored way too easily! There is never a dull moment in the holiday park industry and there are a whole load of brilliant parks we work with, which works for me.

Getting to know Matt

Who are in your family? 
Karen, my wife and I met when we were just 16, filling the biscuit shelves at our local Coop in Brighton where we both had weekend jobs, we have been together ever since. We are blessed with a Son and a Daughter, Zaak who is 26 and Maddie who is 20, both of whom are turning out to be damn good people, which is all that you can wish for as a parent. 

What are your hobbies? 
I am at my happiest preparing and cooking meals, listening to the radio in the kitchen with a glass in my hand. Assuming that is, that we cannot be on a sunny beach somewhere enjoying the surf!

Favourite Sport? 
Rugby, hands down. (well, “ball” down)

Favourite Band/Singer? 
Paul Weller and all things associated. Although I have a varied taste and interest in a wide range of music, I am a Soul Boy at heart.

Favourite Movie? 
Quadrophenia / Big Wednesday / Captain Corelli’s Mandolin and all things Denzel Washington, in particular “Man on Fire”.

Best live concert? 
Impossible to say, I have never been to a bad one and have been to so many, all have been the “best” for various reasons at the time. Although, I waited years to see Stereophonics live and it finally happened on 3rd March this year – truly, truly brilliant and the last thing we did before COVID-19 Lockdown 1!!

Favourite Food? 
Roast dinner at home, Seafood Linguine in Italy, Souvlaki in Greece, Thai Green Curry in Ko Samui, Paella in Spain, the list is endless – just do not serve me broad beans!

Favourite Holiday?
Any sunny beach, with glistening blue seas, not too far from a restaurant cooking souvlaki on a BBQ.

Favourite place in the World? 
As above!

Favourite TV show? 
Morse, Lewis, Endeavour 

Favourite Colour? 
Every bright one

Favourite Car? 
Karen’s Audi A4 Cabriolet Auto Turbo, with red leather interior, she is a beast (so is the car!!)

What annoys you? 
Technology that does not work when you need it most and ignorant people!

What’s top of your bucket list? 
To play “Hey Jude” on the piano, I’ve already been fortunate enough to do the skydiving type stuff.