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In Profile – Production Manager, Paul Meadowcroft

  • On 04/11/2020
Paul Meadowcroft - Vinyl Solutions
Paul Meadowcroft – Vinyl Solutions

After nearly a month since joining Vinyl Solutions as Production Manager, we caught up with Paul Meadowcroft to find out how he was getting on in his new role, and what makes him tick.

Paul joined the team in October to manage our Production team after over 17 years working at Sunseeker, where he worked his way from the fit-out production line as both an electrician and a carpenter, to Line Manager, and then most recently to Production Manager for Sunseeker’s flagship new vessel.

Speaking about what attracted him to Vinyl Solutions, Paul said: 

“I was attracted to the position due to the opportunity to assist the company to fulfil its growth potential. I’m keen to support this and to introduce the processes and procedures I’ve come to know and love over the years.”

“My role is to ensure the Production team have everything they need to create a high-end product safely and efficiently. My first impressions have been very good and can see we have a passionate team and that there are massive opportunities for growth.”

Getting to know Paul

Who are in your family?
My wife of 1 year Vicky, three sons; Nathan 19, Jamie 13, Elliott 5 and Twins (boy and girl) on the way!!!!!

What are your hobbies?
Creating offspring (maybe I should take up fishing!)

Favourite Sport?

Favourite Band/Singer? 
Kings of Leon – with the odd bit of Dolly Parton (but keep this quiet!)

Favourite Movie?
Back to the Future… Probably Part 3, but let’s be honest they are all great!

Best live concert?
Foo Fighters at Wembley

Favourite Food? 
Curry… specifically, Chicken tikka Jalfrezi.       

Favourite Holiday?
My stag do last year, it was only over a weekend but we… (actually, can’t talk about it!)

Favourite place in the World?
My home

Favourite TV show? 
Of all time, Home Improvement (with Tim Allen), but currently it’s Lucifer (with Gary off of Miranda)

Favourite Colour?
Grey (I like it so much I even dyed my hair to match)

Favourite Car? 

What annoys you? 
Nothing (this is untrue, everything annoys me!)

What’s top of your bucket list? 
To go to a British GP