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Get Ready for Recycle Week 2020

  • On 18/09/2020

From 20th – 27th September, it is Recycle Week. Being more eco-friendly takes a conscious effort, however, small changes can lead to a big impact for future generations. 

Recycling at home or at your caravan

  • Know what can be recycled 
  • Reuse items wherever possible instead of throwing them away
  • Compost your food

Recycling when you’re out and about

  • Buy a reusable water bottle
  • Take your lunch/picnic out in reusable containers 
  • Wherever possible, walk or cycle. Great for the environment and helps you keep fit!

Eco-friendly Composite Decking

We are the exclusive holiday park authorised dealer of Composite Prime and we are proud to offer a premium product. 

The decking boards are eco-friendly as well as being strong and durable. 

By combining FSC® 100% certified hardwood timber and recycled HDPE plastic, the HD Deck® Dual and HD Deck® XS composite decking boards generate an elegant solution to many of the challenges associated with traditional timber products, such as rot, colour fading and slippery surfaces.

There are many benefits to choosing composite decking:

  • Low maintenance – Composite decking keeps its aesthetic attraction years after it has been fitted and requires no staining, treating or painting.
  • Durable – HD Decks will not bend, warp or splinter like conventional decking. There will be no rotting or decaying either, as with wooden decking. 
  • Safe – This type of decking is very safe and will not cause slipping in wet weather. You and your children will also be safe in bare feet or crawling around, with no risk of splinters. 
  • Recycled – There is the equivalent of more than 3,000 recycled plastic bottle caps per square metre of decking, so you can have lovely decking and help the environment. 

To find out more about our composite decking here.

We hope, like us, you’re able to make one small change at a time to help the environment. Why not choose Recycle Week the time to think about more ways in which you can make an impact, either by yourself or as a family?