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Valuing the environment – our approach to providing a sustainable alternative for decking & fencing

  • On 10/09/2017

At Vinyl Solutions we value the environment and we strive to minimise any impact that we might have on environmental change, global warming and conservation.

All the way through, from using the best and most sustainable materials, using the most energy efficient methods of production through to recycling – we’re committed to minimising our impact on the environment. Furthermore, we are constantly reviewing our methods and innovating to improve our production to become more energy efficient.

Using sustainable materials

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that the materials used to produce all of our uPVC decking and fencing products are sourced in a sustainable way and are recyclable.

Our vinyl products are very eco-friendly and our suppliers are committed to producing our products in the most sustainable way. This includes adhering to obligations of eliminating certain materials from products and replaced with more sustainable alternatives, whilst also not using any hazardous chemicals during the lamination process.

Our primary suppliers also hold the ISO 14001 standard. This means they identify and act upon aspects within their business that do (or could) affect the environment.

Being energy efficient

Our products are energy-efficient and our suppliers have been approved by various organisations. This highlights their commitment to being energy efficient, and minimising their impact on the environment.

We are also committed to constantly improving our warehouse and office environment and equipment. We do this to ensure we reduce our energy consumption year on year.


Recycling any waste that comes from the process of designing and manufacturing our products is a very important

We recycle all our White, Cream, Pebblestone and Latte decking uPVC offcuts and wasted materials. These offcuts are returned to our suppliers who break them back down and re-use them in other products. Finally, we always ensure that our office waste is recycled where possible.

Nigel Open, Operations Director for Vinyl Solutions said:

“We’re committed to environmental sustainability and are always looking to find new and more efficient ways of producing our decking and fencing product range. Be that from using more sustainable materials through our suppliers, being more efficient as a business or finding more ways to recycle – we want to minimise any impact we have on the environment.”

“Our decking and products are designed and manufactured with the environment in mind. We want to ensure our products improve the outside environment without having any negative impact on it!”